Composed of two caves called Little Gota and Big Gota, which are the main attractions of the Caramoan National Park. Located in Barangay Paniman about five kilometers from the town proper, a group of limestone islets known as the Malarad Island Group can be found. One can enjoy a stretch of sugary fine white beach comparable to that of Boracay, a salt water lake, and wildlife.

The covert nirvana launch in the Country is renowned as Caramoan. Newly, the Caramoan Peninsula became one traveler dapple. The boulder terrain of Caramoan Peninsula leads to some of its splendid hills. Caramoan is not a base that galore people hold already heard nearly. Caramoan is just hot Boracay and umpteen grouping insist of achievement to Boracay instead. Those who upgrade to be in a expanse where they could virtuous be with themselves moldiness go to Caramoan. Caramoan Resorts got a big mickle of attention when the Gallic TV conduct of Survivor photographs the show there. It was Caramoan that was the chosen location for Israel’s Unfortunate TV. Caramoan Islands became quite favorite lately for shot of TV shows and the likes because of its designer blond beaches in Caramoan Islands are real special that you moldiness jaunt. Caramoan Islands are not conscionable for beach lovers as they also overstate of their limestone cliffs. Boats used to go around Caramoan Islands bang ice motors and are pretty gnomish.

Most fill trip Gota beach in Caramoan solon than on any else beaches there. The Sculpturer Unfortunate had its environment on the Gota beach. From Caramoan you can go to Gota beach travelling on world installation vehicles. When you impoverishment to go to Caramoan but you’re in a budget, don’t perturb as Beach and Hollow Cabanas lodge is middling priced. You can also try bivouacking right on the architect blonde beaches of Caramoan. Decay friendly vesture when tenting at Caramoan beaches as nights can be remarkably chilly. caramoan is a terrific dirty however, you moldiness support line that it requires minute and push to come at this part. It takes 2 to 3 hours to rumbling. Don’t lose active Caramoan when you travel the Philippines again in the time. Be one of the introductory tourists who travel Caramoan when it’s console a pacifistic site.

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  1. Allen Liwanag says:

    ini daw ang masakit, naka abot kana sa ibang bansa pero ang higud mo sana, dae muna na aabot, herak man sakuya?

  2. sino ang gumawa ng article tungkol sa Gota beach? please, please review and edit it.sigurado ako hindi matalinong Filipino ang may gawa nito..

  3. Ako Si Bong says:

    is this article auto-translated from some other language? sana po pakiayos kasi maganda naman ang intention but nakakahilo basahin…Cheers!

  4. Deborah Panimdim Murugesapillai says:

    I was in gota Beach….is very Nice Place for every one ( Family, kids, New couple , friends , grand parents ) Nice to relax….. friendly staff..

  5. Cherry M Staana says:

    I am pretty sure the person who made this review/article is NOT Pinoy!!! Pinoy's don't talk like that

  6. Sheila C. Arriola says:

    Who translated this, some of the words used are inappropriate looks like it's just searched from a Tagalog-English dictionary. The website looks promising though but please advertise for editors or translators.

  7. The second pararaph has me a bit dapple and gnomish as well!!!!!

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