Sabitang Laya

It is one of the popular islands in Caramoan Peninsula that got rave reviews due to its long stretch of powdery white-sand beach.

One of the best features of the island are its interesting limestone rock formations. Sabitang Laya has twin beaches. The whole island is shaped like a triangle – one side is occupied by Sabitang Laya beach and the other side is called Bag-ing beach. The beach is truly superb and the island is a great spot for camping if you’re planning for an overnight adventure.

It has the longest stretch of sugar-like powdery sand that extends up to 2 kilometers when combined with the shoreline from the other side. Having two long stretches of beach on one island and a vast sandy shore in between makes it a perfect place for beach camping.

There is a huge balete tree in the island which is the best spot to relax while waiting for the high tide to come. This part in sabitang Laya is rocky compare to the other side. During low tides especially in the afternoon, the motorized boat could not sail because its propeller might hit the corals or seabed.

It has a lovely sight from top with the view of two shorelines and clear shallow waters extending into the distance. Stunning rock formations surround the island, from small ones that form interesting images tall and imposing jagged cliffs that are fun to scale. The triangular shaped island that looks like an over-sized head of a kite forms two long strands of beach that are a short-walk from each other.

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