The Fastest Way To Caramoan

Want to try the FASTEST WAY to CARAMOAN?

GO via VIRAC AIRPORT. It’s only 2 HOURS travel time to Caramoan.
Here’s how: From airport – take a VAN or a TRICYCLE ride to CODON PORT. Average Travel time is only 30-45 mins.

From CODON PORT – take a BOAT to CARAMOAN. Codon to Caramoan shoreline – 30 mins. To LA PLAYA CAMP front gate – 60 minutes. Average T/T VIRAC AIRPORT- CARAMOAN= 2 HOURS. Via NAGA AIRPORT= 4 hours.

This is the best route for a group traveling 7 pax or more.

* The best time to go there is during dry months (November to May).

* If you will go camping, be sure to choose an island not being used by the Survivor.

* Survivor rented the island for 25 years starting 2008, meaning, tourists will not be able to explore the island freely up to 2033 if the contract is not extended.

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5 Responses to “The Fastest Way To Caramoan”

  1. Jocelyn Tapel Celestino says:

    the fastest way to Caramoan is via Virac. this is good for tourism in our province. tara na sa bicol.

  2. Abe P. Evangelista says:

    sama ako.

  3. Virginia Glena says:

    "Survivor" has a contract for 33 years? Awesome!

  4. Nida Palomar Austria says:

    virgin island pa, so cool

  5. Ina Salazar Mendoza says:

    and what will they do in 25 yeARs they will preserve it as it was in original form?

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