The Fastest Way To Caramoan

Want to try the FASTEST WAY to CARAMOAN?

GO via VIRAC AIRPORT. It’s only 2 HOURS travel time to Caramoan.
Here’s how: From airport – take a VAN or a TRICYCLE ride to CODON PORT. Average Travel time is only 30-45 mins.

From CODON PORT – take a BOAT to CARAMOAN. Codon to Caramoan shoreline – 30 mins. To LA PLAYA CAMP front gate – 60 minutes. Average T/T VIRAC AIRPORT- CARAMOAN= 2 HOURS. Via NAGA AIRPORT= 4 hours.

This is the best route for a group traveling 7 pax or more.

* The best time to go there is during dry months (November to May).

* If you will go camping, be sure to choose an island not being used by the Survivor.

* Survivor rented the island for 25 years starting 2008, meaning, tourists will not be able to explore the island freely up to 2033 if the contract is not extended.

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7 Responses to “The Fastest Way To Caramoan”

  1. Jocelyn Tapel Celestino says:

    the fastest way to Caramoan is via Virac. this is good for tourism in our province. tara na sa bicol.

  2. Abe P. Evangelista says:

    sama ako.

  3. Virginia Glena says:

    "Survivor" has a contract for 33 years? Awesome!

  4. Nida Palomar Austria says:

    virgin island pa, so cool

  5. Ina Salazar Mendoza says:

    and what will they do in 25 yeARs they will preserve it as it was in original form?

  6. Emile Dixon says:

    The only way "Survivor" could keep the sets pristine was to lease and seal off the areas exclusively, long term. Otherwise, the locals, who are not accustomed to the rigors of conservation or preservation, will cut and burn, turning the beaches into garbage dumps and the jungle into toilets. It's not the fault of the poor; just a sad aside to the 'haves' blocking access to vital education from the 'have-nots'.

  7. Ok dyan nature na nature ang dating.

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